Original gift for birthdays or special parties

Among the various services offered to customers, the escort profession also includes being requested as an original gift for birthdays or special celebrations: it is very exciting and fun at the same time!
In fact, all of this always takes place in a joyful and relaxed atmosphere that leads every time to the full success of everything, both for the gift and for the party. In recent times, especially after this bad period due to Covid-19, there is a great desire among people to have fun and indulge themselves by doing things that are a little out of the ordinary. And among these things there is undoubtedly that of calling a gigolo to celebrate a birthday or a specific occasion, or for rather special parties.
Usually the gigolo as an original gift for birthdays is put naked inside a cake and then once at the destination he comes out ready to participate in the party. In particular parties, on the other hand, there may be two situations: in the first, the gigolo arrives alone in the house or club where the party takes place and then begins to play with the participants. In the second situation, the gigolo is taken, sometimes even completely naked, in a limousine to his destination, long before the start of the party, and then he is hidden, completely naked, in the closet, behind a door or a sofa, ready to jump out at the right time. At that point the gigolo becomes an active part in the party, the classic icing on the cake, the party gets hot and sex takes over everything.
In my decades of experience as an escort, I must say that I have always found myself at ease when I have been contacted to be the surprise as an original birthday gift or for a particular party: I have beautiful memories, some even very recent, which have brought me followed by customers who had had a great time with me during the party, and so I was able to combine business with pleasure, as the saying goes!
Logically, the original gift for birthdays or special parties can also be double, i.e. a gigolo and an escort woman together, so as to satisfy all tastes if there is a celebrated couple, or a single man and a single woman: also in this case the gigolo and the escort arrives together alone on the spot or they are taken to the spot by a limousine, after which the (sexual) dances begin and the environment becomes incandescent! Yes because, if the gigolo and the escort are also well-matched, in the sense that they may have already worked together, the success of the party is truly 100% guaranteed: it´s like watching a fireworks show, sexually speaking!
But the most beautiful thing of all is seeing their complete satisfaction in the eyes of the customers, because it means that the gift came out very well and so there is a high probability of being recalled (or recalled, the gigolo and the escort woman) on other occasions.
In short, for those who have not yet done so, all that remains is to hire a gigolo as an original gift for birthdays or special parties, for the series: seeing is believing!

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