Escort for events, ceremonies, etc .....
- Are you alone and would you like to have a boyfriend or a friend? Call me and I will free you from this problem.

Escort for free time, museums, concerts, theater etc.
- Are you alone and would you like to take some free time to have some fun? Call me and I will solve any situation for you.

Escort for role-playing games, fake boyfriend, Master
- Are you engaged and want to make your boyfriend jealous? Or do you want to win him back after he leaves you? Or are you looking for a Master to reveal your fetish / sadomasochistic fantasies as a slavegirl? Call me, I am the right person for all these types of games / situations.

Gigolò for evenings of sex, joy and rock and roll
- Are you eager to have an unusual sex experience?
Call me, I will give you unforgettable moments.

Companion for holidays, trips, etc ....
- Do you want to take a vacation and you don´t know who to go with? Call me, I´ll take you wherever you want.

Gigolò as a consultant on sexual issues
- Do you have doubts, fears in the sexual field? Are you at your first time? Call me and you will see that I will also solve these problems.

Gigolò for proofs of fidelity for her and for him
- If in a couple (she / he) one of the two has any doubts about the loyalty of the partner, contact me. I also worked for a detective agency, I know how to fix this kind of thing.

Companion for shopping as a personal shopper
- Would you like to go shopping but you are undecided on what to buy exactly? Do you want a person who knows how to guide you in your choice? Call me, I am also a professional personal shopper.