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Clients, especially the more affluent ones, also request the service of a personal trainer from a gigolo, more and more often: in this way they combine profit with pleasure, i.e. they can keep fit and at the same time have unbridled sex in an optimal way.
So the customer (woman or couple) calls the gigolo to have him as a personal trainer all day, or for the whole weekend, or for an entire week or two: clearly this is the solution that brings the greatest benefits to the customer.
But it is a service that fully satisfies both, the escort and the client (or the couple).
There is nothing better than keeping fit entrusting yourself to the hands of a personal trainer by doing fitness and then also having sex with an escort who knows how to satisfy her clients, in every aspect!
Luckily for me, to my great pleasure, I have many clients who contact me because they want this type of service: this allows me, among other things, to always keep fit, also doing the thing I absolutely love the most, i.e. have great sex!
Everyone´s cravings must always be satisfied, to never have regrets...
Generally, a personal trainer session with a gigolo goes like this: you start doing gymnastics dressed, just like you are in a gym, following the instructions of the personal trainer, then little by little you strip off your clothes, as perspiration increases, due to fatigue in the exercises, and one realizes the need to undress, to the point of remaining completely naked, both for the personal trainer and the female client or the couple. Then little by little one slips onto the terrain of sexual, erotic play, as playing sports produces a remarkable adrenaline rush that helps a lot in this sense.
Nudity logically makes the situation even more incandescent: you can have sex with the female client or the couple by the pool, in the garden, in the living room, in the kitchen, in the shower or in the hydromassage bathtub, in the sauna and obviously in the bedroom. In fact, the female client or the couple who requires this service, being wealthy, has no problem renting a villa or a luxurious apartment on vacation.
This is because a special feeling is established between the female client and the gigolo personal trainer, which allows you to let go, sexually speaking, getting to try new situations in total relaxation and serenity.
I, for example, always manage to gratify my female clients or couples, making them orgasm several times (and the same happens to me, of course)!
So my warm advice is to always exercise with a gigolo personal trainer!

Based in Milan, I also work throughout Italy and abroad.

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