Nudist yoga

It is very fashionable lately to call an escort man to do unusual things, such as nudist yoga sessions.
This can be done if, logically, the gigolo knows how to practice yoga and knows how to teach it.
I also work as a personal trainer in fitness, I practice and know how to teach yoga, in fact also famous holiday resorts where nudism is practiced called me to hold nudist yoga lessons or as a personal trainer for nudist fitness.
It is very exciting to do nudist yoga and at the same time it is very satisfying because it allows you to enter into perfect symbiosis with your body and then you can achieve absolute well-being.
As far as nudist yoga is concerned, I do both single lessons and lessons for couples or group lessons.
Nudist yoga lessons always take place in an atmosphere of absolute pleasure and relaxation, where there is respect for everything and nothing is ever forced. Sometimes the lessons end with good sex, because one of the secrets of nudist yoga is that, after having a lesson, it puts on a great desire to have sex putting aside any kind of modesty and inhibition!
I work with single women, with couples or with groups of women: especially in the latter case it often happens that then, at the end of the nudist yoga lesson, we indulge in sexual orgies to appease the desire to have sex, so I do sex with two or more women and the other women in my course have sex with each other, in short, a real pleasure!
Obviously this type of service comes very well paid, my nudist yoga students are all very wealthy, have no money problems and this simplifies things because you can have fun without any economic worries…
I can tell you that once in a famous place in France where nudism is king, I did a yoga class with ten bisexual girls: well at the end of the lesson we had sex on the beach by the sea, I with five girls and the remaining five women between them, crazy cool!
Another time, in this case in Spain, in a beautiful seaside location, I held a group nudist yoga lesson with fifteen all bisexual women: even here in the end I had sex with five girls and the remaining ten women have played and had sex with each other.
On both occasions, a group of spectators has always formed, making the atmosphere even more exciting and transgressive, because being watched causes a really strong and incredible excitement!
With single women I often have nudist yoga lessons at their home, but it doesn´t always end up having sex, even if many of my single clients are always very well predisposed to do it, so much so that when it happens, they are always my female students asking me to have sex with them…
And this really gratifies me a lot, it is a truly priceless satisfaction!

Based in Milan, I also work throughout Italy and abroad.

Andrew gigolò

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